The Health and Lifestyle Benefits of Hot Tubs

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Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to improve their mental, physical, and emotional health at home by developing positive new routines. Our clients at Everything Billiards & Spas are discovering that hot tubs are much more than a luxury item or showpiece for the backyard.

In fact, many hot tub owners use their spa to improve their health and lifestyle. Hot tubs are proven to have a plethora of therapeutic and lasting positive health impacts. Similar to a gym membership, physical therapy, spa treatments, and the like, hot tubs are an investment in long term health and quality of life.

Discover the proven benefits that people experience from hot tub use.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

This health benefit may seem like the most obvious, but the effects of stress and anxiety on your physical, mental, and emotional health present mounting negative side effects.

Headaches, depression, sleep problems, weakened immune system, and many more health issues are linked to chronic stress. Studies have shown that the hydrotherapy provided by the regular use of a hot tub can lead to improvements in emotional health and other areas.

Better Circulation

There are a long list of health benefits of improving and increasing the body’s circulation. Some of these are immediate, such as encouraging pain relief, and others improve over time with consistently good circulation, like cardiovascular health.

Increased body circulation is beneficial for the healing process of various injuries. Circulation stimulates tissue production that can help repair and protect damaged tissue.

Enhanced, Consistent Quality of Sleep

According to The National Sleep Foundation, the hot water experience of soaking in a hot tub goes a long way to help in the body and mind’s transition to restful sleep. Firstly, the relaxing experience of the spa puts your mind at ease and helps to let go of stress and anxiety.

Further, though, hot tubs actually have a positive physiological impact before sleep. After getting out of a hot tub session before bed, the body’s temperature lowers, effectively stimulating the body’s natural function and instinct before going to sleep. You will feel more relaxed and prepared for sleep. Those who incorporate hot tub use into their regular sleep routine find they have more consistent, restful sleep patterns than before.

Ease Muscle Tension, Soreness

The benefits of heat therapy provided by spas are proven to relieve stiffness, tension, and soreness in the body. Just a 15 minutes session in a hot tub helps to alleviate minor tension. Longer sessions can provide deeper relief of more intense stiffness and soreness.

Additionally, it’s been found that the moist heat treatment experienced through using a hot tub is a more effective application of heat therapy compared to dry heat treatments. In fact, moist heat treatment can have enhanced benefits relative to dry heat ones.

Soothe Joint Pain and Stiffness

The power of heat immersion provided from sitting in a hot tub goes a long way in soothing pain and stiffness in joints, including symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia.

The Arthritis Foundation is clear that heat therapy helps to relax stiff joints and ease joint pain, which is why it is one of the top recommended practices. When in a hot tub, the body delivers much needed blood flow and oxygen to affected joints and muscles.

Not only can you find relief for pain and soreness, the spa experience can strengthen muscles and allow them to exercise an increased range of motion that’s usually not possible under the pressure of gravity. Studies have shown that three hot tub sessions a week increases mobility and reduces chronic pain by as much as 40-percent.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease and other related cardiovascular conditions are some of the most significant in the U.S.

Regular hot tub use can benefit your cardiovascular health over time. The therapeutic benefits of the hot water immersion experience provided by a hot tub prove to have an overall significant positive effect on the function of people’s cardiovascular function.

Harvard Medical School professor Dr. Adolph Hutter notes that hot tubs encourage blood vessels to dilate, which leads to lower blood pressure.

Great for Mobility and Flexibility

The heat therapy provided by hot tubs has shown to benefit the preservation of muscle strength, health, and activity. This can benefit anyone from the extremely active fitness enthusiast to someone who wants to begin increasing their daily activity.

In fact, because of the added circulation, heat, and buoyancy benefits provided by hot tubs, many find it the ideal place to perform mobility and flexibility exercises. This includes yoga poses, stretching, and even calisthenic exercises. After all, these are usually done within a much smaller area of a yoga mat.

Back Pain Relief

Heat treatment from spas has a positive effect on pain receptors, which is effective to relieve back pains and other types of pain that the body may be experiencing. In addition to the benefits provided by heat, the massage on muscles provided by spa jets loosens tension in the back and alleviates pain. In addition to the benefit of massage, your body’s buoyancy takes pressure off of back muscles in ways that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Hot tubs also go a long way to reduce inflammation. Ultimately, regular hot tub use has a strong positive impact for people who experience chronic back pain, providing both instantaneous relief as well as continuous improvements over time.

Helps With Clearer Skin

Using a spa has benefits for your complexion and overall skincare health. The immersive experience of warm and hot water on the skin opens up your skin’s pores and helps to clean them. It is a great method of detoxifying the skin, removing built up oils and dirt. Those who want can enjoy the added benefit of incorporating hot tub use into their skincare routine. Apply moisturizers and other skincare products of choice after your spa session for added moisturizing and protective benefits.

The improved circulation from the hot tub also improves skin and hair health. The cleansing properties of the spa can lead to more balanced skin and hair.

Increases Cognitive Function

By helping the blood flow in your body, hot tubs go a long way to provide mental clarity and improve cognitive function. This can provide an instantaneous effect whenever you’re experiencing brain fog, fatigue, and stress.

Many find that hot tub sessions can, in a sense, act as a refresh button for the brain during intense work or study periods.

Alleviates Cramps

Hot tubs can ease the experience of cramps in the body. As your circulation improves and the body temperature rises, blood flow increases and flows more easily to cramped areas. This loosens the area from tension and reduces the pain from cramping. This therapeutic exercise is proven effective after exercise and to alleviate menstrual cramps.

The immersive experience of a hot tub is a more comprehensive treatment for cramps than other dry heat methods, like the application of heat pads, for example. Not only do you benefit from the surface application of heat on the body, this rise in body temperature and blood flow offers a more complete therapeutic effect.

Increases Quality of Life

Regular access to and use of a hot tub improves overall quality of life. That, like the considerations above, ultimately goes a long way to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health. Not only does improving your health improve quality of life, but the routine of doing something for yourself and developing positive routines does as well.

People who own and use hot tubs find them to be positively stimulating for their social life and family bonding time. Spas offer one of the most present, in-the-moment social settings available today, allowing for great conversation and the ability to better make time for your relationships.

Such an increase in quality of life leads to an increase in happiness as well, and encourages a positive mindset throughout life.

Make the Choice to Improve Your Life With a Hot Tub

If you are interested or curious about the possibility of improving your health and quality of life from the use of a hot tub, contact Everything Billiards & Spas to take the next step.

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