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Contact our team of home and backyard leisure experts at Everything Billiards & Spas in Huntersville. From the best deals on hot tubs to expert pool table installation and service, we are here to help – visit our showroom to check out the best billiards and spa products in the industry! Located at 16637 Statesville Road, you’ll find a wide selection of top-tier hot tubs, saunas, pool tables, and game room essentials to shop from.

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Meet our talented team of home and backyard leisure specialists. No matter your question or inquiry, we are always here to help.
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Welcome to Everything Billiards & Spas in Huntersville, North Carolina!

Welcome to Everything Billiards & Spas in Huntersville, your premier destination for high-quality leisure products that perfectly balance personal relaxation with shared enjoyment. Our Huntersville location is the ideal place for those looking to enhance their home entertainment and relaxation experiences. We offer a wide range of top-quality products, including luxurious hot tubs, rejuvenating saunas, elegant pool tables, versatile game tables, invigorating cold plunge tubs, and relaxing massage chairs. In addition to our main offerings, we also carry an extensive selection of accessories to further elevate your experience, from pool cues and balls to sauna accessories and hot tub essentials like steps, covers, and lifters. Each product in our carefully curated collection adheres to our strict standards of quality, comfort, and style. Our knowledgeable team is committed to assisting you in finding the perfect addition to your home. If you require service for your hot tub or pool table, we’re here to assist. Visit our Huntersville store today and explore how our outstanding products and services can enhance your leisure time.

Discover Our Commitment to Quality

At Everything Billiards & Spas in Huntersville, our outstanding customer service is well-known. We prioritize complete satisfaction for each customer, consistently going the extra mile in every interaction. Throughout the years, we have thoughtfully edited our product selection to only include items that meet the highest criteria for quality, durability, and functionality. Should any product fall short of these rigorous standards or fail to satisfy our customers, we promptly adjust our offerings. This careful selection process underlines our commitment to enriching the recreational and wellness aspects of our customers’ lives. We focus on enhancing both social and individual moments, making each experience with our products not just enjoyable but truly remarkable. Come visit us in Huntersville and discover the personalized attention and superior products that distinguish Everything Billiards & Spas as a premier destination for home entertainment and wellness enhancements.

Hot Tubs for Sale in Huntersville

Our Huntersville location features an outstanding array of hot tubs from distinguished brands such as Sundance Spas® and Caldera Spas®. Sundance Spas are celebrated for their exceptional hydrotherapy and cutting-edge features, delivering an unmatched spa experience. Caldera Spas are crafted with a focus on comfort and efficiency, providing an ideal combination of relaxation and energy conservation. Whether you're in search of therapeutic comfort or a lavish escape, our hot tubs come equipped with sophisticated features like ergonomic seating, adjustable jets, and energy-efficient heating systems to guarantee a supreme relaxation experience.

Saunas for Sale in Huntersville

Elevate your wellness regimen with our remarkable selection of Finnleo® saunas at our Huntersville location, showcasing the pinnacle of Finnish sauna craftsmanship. Known for their outstanding quality and inventive designs, Finnleo saunas cater to both traditional and infrared sauna preferences (and offers Infra-sauna® for those who prefer choice). Whether you're drawn to the robust heat of a classic sauna or the soothing warmth of an infrared model, Finnleo offers a variety of options to meet your specific requirements. Transform your residence into a haven of health and tranquility with a Finnleo sauna, meticulously crafted to offer a peaceful and calming retreat.

Cold Plunge Tubs for Sale in Huntersville

Discover the revitalizing advantages of cold therapy with our Arctic Plunge cold plunge tubs at our Huntersville location. These tubs are specifically crafted for individuals aiming to boost their wellness routine with the invigorating effects of cold water immersion. Engineered with a focus on safety and comfort, Arctic Plunge tubs enable you to enjoy the refreshing and rejuvenating benefits of cold plunging right in the privacy of your own backyard. Whether you are an athlete in pursuit of muscle recovery or simply seeking an energizing experience, our cold plunge tubs provide a thrilling enhancement to your wellness regimen, offering a unique and exhilarating way to invigorate your body and mind.

Pool Tables for Sale in Huntersville

Our Huntersville store boasts a stunning assortment of pool tables from leading brands such as Brunswick®, Olhausen®, and California House®. Brunswick pool tables are renowned for their elegance and precision, making them a classic addition to any game room. Olhausen pool tables stand out for their ability to be customized and their exceptional playability, ensuring they complement your personal style and space seamlessly. California House pool tables are distinguished by their contemporary designs and outstanding craftsmanship, serving as a chic and durable focal point for your entertainment area. Enhance your billiards experience with our range of premium pool tables, thoughtfully designed to satisfy both casual players and dedicated enthusiasts.

Game Tables for Sale in Huntersville

Inject some excitement into your entertainment area with our wide-ranging game tables at our Huntersville location, featuring the premium Cornilleau table tennis tables. Celebrated for their robustness and outstanding playability, Cornilleau tables are highly regarded by table tennis aficionados. Our collection doesn't stop at table tennis; it also encompasses popular games like foosball, air hockey, and shuffleboard, all crafted to deliver endless hours of enjoyment and friendly competition. Whether you aim to host lively game nights or hone your skills, our game tables are guaranteed to keep the fun and excitement alive in your home.

Massage Chairs for Sale in Huntersville

Experience unparalleled relaxation with our Infinity® massage chairs, a standout feature at our Huntersville store. Known for their cutting-edge technology and opulent features, Infinity massage chairs deliver a renowned massage experience tailored to your individual needs. Equipped with body scanning technology, a diverse range of massage techniques, and adjustable settings, Infinity chairs provide a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Whether you're seeking relief from chronic pain, aiming to alleviate stress, or simply looking to relax after a long day, Infinity massage chairs offer the ideal sanctuary for both mind and body. Visit our Huntersville location to personally experience the comfort and therapeutic benefits.

Services Available in Huntersville

At Everything Billiards & Spas in Huntersville, we are committed to providing not only premium products but also outstanding services to help keep your leisure equipment in perfect condition for long-lasting enjoyment. Our range of services encompasses water care, along with skilled maintenance, repair, and care for your hot tubs and pool tables. Drop by our Huntersville store to delve into our extensive service offerings and learn how we can help you maintain the durability and performance of your leisure products.

Pool Table Service

Our pool table service at Everything Billiards & Spas in Huntersville is committed to keeping your billiards table in outstanding condition for the best possible playing experience. Our proficient team is prepared to address all your requirements, including professional setup, accurate leveling, re-felting, and repairs. Recognizing the significance of preserving your table’s integrity, we also provide specialized moving services to securely transport your pool table, guaranteeing its flawless condition for your future games.

Hot Tub Service

At Everything Billiards & Spas in Huntersville, our hot tub services are designed to ensure your spa runs smoothly and efficiently, giving you a stress-free soaking experience. Our experienced technicians are adept at managing all aspects of hot tub care, from regular maintenance checks to intricate repairs so that your hot tub stays in prime condition. We also provide extensive water care services to keep your water crystal clear and safe, allowing you to unwind in your spa with complete confidence in its performance and safety.
water care hand

Water Care

We recognize the critical role that balanced water plays in the longevity of your hot tub and your wellbeing. Our extensive water care services are designed to help keep your water clear and balanced, for a secure and pleasurable experience. Our specialists are on hand to guide you through routine testing and treatment, keeping your water clean, clear, and perfectly balanced. With our expert care, you can enjoy your aquatic leisure activities with total confidence and peace of mind.
Water features and jets can affect hot tub cost

Visit Everything Billiards & Spas in Huntersville

At Everything Billiards & Spas in Huntersville, our dedication to enriching your leisure time is steadfast. We are proud to offer an extensive selection of premium products to meet every need and preference, transforming your home into the ultimate destination for entertainment and relaxation. Our experienced staff is always available to provide expert guidance and tailored assistance so that you find the ideal items to craft your perfect recreation space. Whether you envision an energetic game room, a tranquil spa retreat, or a harmonious combination of both, we have everything you need to turn your home into an enviable sanctuary. Our collection includes soothing hot tubs, sophisticated pool tables, revitalizing saunas, and adaptable game tables, all precisely chosen to fulfill your every wish. Visit our Huntersville location today to discover the boundless opportunities for enhancing your home leisure experience and embark on a journey of comfort, enjoyment, and relaxation.

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