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Bring your home and backyard to life with the right features. Family owned and operated, Everything Billiards & Spas specializes in the sales and service of hot tubs, saunas, pool tables, game room furniture, and accessories. No matter your vision, our team of experts are here to help make your dreams a reality.

Make the most of your home and backyard

Make the most of your home and backyard with quality products that are chosen with your health and enjoyment in mind. To learn more, contact our showrooms in Greensboro, Winston Salem, Huntersville, and Charlotte today.

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Let’s elevate your home and backyard with the perfect addition. Browse our wide selection of hot tubs, game room essentials, and saunas today!

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Explore our featured pool tables from top brands like Brunswick and Olhausen. Visit your nearest showroom to experience the excellence!

Everything Billiard's Price: $6,400
SALE PRICE : $6,400
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Starting From: $11,395
Everything Billiard's Price: $12,600
SALE PRICE : $11,395
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Starting From: $14,495
Everything Billiard's Price: $20,199
SALE PRICE : $14,495


Elite Services for Your Billiards Table

Our team can help you keep your billiards table in pristine condition. Request service today to let our team know what you need and we will schedule an appointment.


Expert Hot Tub Service

With many years of industry experience, Everything Billiards & Spas is proud to serve our community with exceptional service solutions. From regular care to emergency repair and everything in between, contact our dealership today for assistance.

Together, we will ensure a safe and enjoyable hot tub experience for years to come!

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I highly recommend them!

We are in the Hot Tub daily & a lot of times 2-3 times. We wanted to make sure we had a quality product backed by superb service & that is exactly what we found with Jud at Everything Billiards & Spa The entire experience was superb! They are professional, respond fast & when a periodic repair is necessary they are all over it! I highly recommend them!


- Jonathan Weiner

What an incredible experience

What an incredible experience I recently purchased an infrared sauna from Everything Billiards & Spas! I initially filled out an interest form online, received a friendly call from Tammy within 24 hours, and from that moment on, I was impressed by every bit of the customer service experience! When I visited the showroom, Tammy and Judson were welcoming and knowledgeable, and they even shared their own personal sauna testimonies. This pretty much sealed the deal for me! The delivery and installation were extremely fast and efficient so I could start enjoying my new sauna right away. Many thanks to the entire team for a very positive, comfortable process in making one of my biggest self-care/wellness dreams come true!


- Louise S.

How Can We Help?

At Everything Billiards & Spas, we’re committed to excellence in all that we do. That includes providing you with an exceptional shopping experience, every time. Not only that, but we’re also here to guide and support you long after the sale is complete; from maintenance and care, to troubleshooting and installation guides, and so much more!



Helpful Resources for You

At Everything Billiards & Spas, we are always here to provide you with guidance and support. We have a range of resources to help you maximize your experience, from frequently asked questions and health information, to on-site service, and more.


Invest in Yourself

Take it from us, hot tubs are about so much more than just hot water. With the right infusion of features, design, and technology, your hot tub can deliver a healing hydrotherapy experience that is truly like no other.

Relax and Rejuvenate

Enjoy a place to unwind at the end of the day. Experience the best of relaxation, all while the tension in your body simply fades away.

Ease Aches and Pains

Hydrotherapy has been used for thousands of years to help improve how you feel physically. Ease muscle aches, soothe joint pain, and more.

Reduce Your Stress

The healing combination of massage, heat, and buoyancy can help relieve your physical and emotional stress in many ways.

Boost Connections

Spending quality time with family and friends inside your hot tub can help to strengthen bonds, allowing you to really focus on one another.


Enhancing Home Value with Elegance and Fun

The addition of a hot tub, sauna, pool table, or cold plunge tub from Everything Billiards & Spas can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of your home. These luxury items are not just functional; they’re also beautifully designed to complement your home’s decor and create an inviting atmosphere. Whether it’s the sleek lines of a modern hot tub, the rustic charm of a traditional sauna, or the elegant craftsmanship of a billiards table, each product we offer is a piece of art that enhances your living space.

Everything Billiards & Spas is also proud to offer eco-friendly leisure products that do not compromise on performance. Our selection of hot tubs and saunas boasts energy-efficient features that reduce electricity consumption while maintaining optimal functionality. These innovations not only help in preserving our planet but also result in significant savings on utility bills for our customers. By choosing our green solutions, you’re making an investment in sustainable luxury.

Expert Installation and Personalized Customization

Understanding that each home and backyard is unique, we provide expert installation services to make sure your new leisure product fits perfectly in your space. Our team of professionals works closely with you to customize your product, from selecting finishes that match your home’s style to configuring the setup for optimal use and enjoyment.
A Lifetime of Wellness and Joy

Owning a leisure product from Everything Billiards & Spas offers more than just immediate enjoyment; it’s an investment in your long-term wellness and lifestyle. For instance, regular use of hot tubs and saunas has been linked to numerous health benefits, including stress reduction, muscle relaxation, and improved sleep quality. Meanwhile, pool tables offer a unique way to stay active, sharpen your mind, and foster social connections. Each product we offer is a portal to a healthier, more joyful way of living.

Transform your home into the ultimate entertainment destination with Everything Billiards & Spas. Our wide range of hot tubs, saunas, and pool tables means that there’s something for everyone, from the solitary relaxer to the social butterfly. Host memorable gatherings, enjoy quality family time, or simply escape to your personal oasis—all without leaving your backyard. With our exceptional recreation products, your home becomes the place everyone wants to be.

When you purchase from Everything Billiards & Spas, you’re joining a community of leisure enthusiasts. We offer ongoing support, from maintenance tips to ideas for entertaining, to help you get the most out of your investment.

Our commitment to providing an exceptional shopping experience extends far beyond the sale. At Everything Billiards & Spas, we offer comprehensive after-sales support, including maintenance services, repairs, and parts replacement. Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to assist you, so that your hot tub, sauna, or pool table remains in peak condition. This dedication to excellence in service is what sets us apart.

At Everything Billiards & Spas, we’re your partner in enhancing your quality of life through luxury leisure products. Whether you’re looking to relax, entertain, or improve your home’s value, we have everything you’re looking for. Visit us today and let us help you make the most of your home and backyard with products that promise endless relaxation, recreation, and rejuvenation.

Promoting a Healthy Work-Life Balance

The Future of Leisure Products

In the realm of hot tubs, saunas, and billiards, design innovations have significantly enhanced user experience and functionality. At Everything Billiards & Spas, we stay at the forefront of these advancements, incorporating leisure products that feature the latest in ergonomic design, energy efficiency, and aesthetic versatility. Innovations such as adjustable hydrotherapy jets, saltwater systems for hot tubs, and low-EMF infrared saunas cater to a growing consumer demand for wellness-oriented features. Similarly, pool tables that double as dining or conference tables demonstrate a commitment to versatile design.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is more challenging and essential than ever. We believe in the power of recreation products to create a boundary between work and relaxation within the home environment. A hot tub can serve as a sanctuary for unwinding after a long day, while a sauna or cold plunge offers a healing retreat to alleviate the stresses of work. And a pool table or game table provides a social focal point, encouraging family time and recreational breaks that are essential for mental health and productivity.

As technology advances, the integration of leisure products with smart home ecosystems has become a key feature that enhances convenience and user experience. We offer products that can be controlled via smartphone apps, allowing for the adjustment of temperature, jets, and lighting in hot tubs and saunas from anywhere at any time. This integration not only enriches the user experience but also makes these products a cohesive part of the modern, connected home, offering personalized relaxation experiences at the touch of a button.


The Therapeutic Design of Leisure Spaces

Creating a leisure space that not only complements but enhances your lifestyle and well-being involves a detailed, thoughtful approach that extends far beyond the mere selection of individual products. At Everything Billiards & Spas, we’re acutely aware of the impact a well-designed leisure space can have on an individual’s mental and physical health. That’s why we offer comprehensive consultation services aimed at guiding our customers through the process of creating environments that maximize the therapeutic benefits of our recreation products. From selecting the perfect spot for your hot tub that offers both privacy and picturesque views, to designing a game room that is as inviting as it is exciting, our team is dedicated to ensuring your leisure space is a true destination for rejuvenation.

Further enhancing the value of these spaces is the deep cultural significance that hot tubs, saunas, and billiards hold. Rooted in traditions of social connection, relaxation, and in some cultures, spiritual cleansing, these leisure activities bring with them a rich heritage that can add a profound layer of meaning to your space. Everything Billiards & Spas takes pride in honoring this heritage, offering a diverse range of products that bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless allure of billiards as a centuries-old game of skill or the tranquil relaxation offered by saunas and hot tubs, our selection is designed to cater to every inclination.

By fostering environments that not only respect but elevate these traditions, we help to reinforce the bonds that tie us together. Our products and design philosophies encourage gatherings, shared experiences, and the cultivation of a strong sense of community. Through thoughtful consultation and a deep respect for the cultural roots of our offerings, we help make sure that each leisure space we help create is a platform for building lasting memories and connections.

Commitment to Quality

At Everything Billiards & Spas we aim to deliver a diverse array of innovative, high-caliber leisure products designed to meet a broad spectrum of individual needs and tastes. Our commitment to innovation is evident in our pursuit of the latest design advancements, so that our offerings not only embody the pinnacle of style and functionality but also easily work into the evolving smart home ecosystem. By prioritizing the therapeutic aspects of leisure space design, we create environments that encourage well-being, balance, and rejuvenation. We also deeply respect and celebrate the rich cultural heritage associated with our products, from the communal joy of billiards to the solitary peace of saunas, so that there’s something in our collection that resonates with everyone. At Everything Billiards & Spas, our mission is to enrich your lifestyle significantly. Our carefully chosen selections are a gateway to a life filled with relaxation, enhanced social bonds, and overall wellness.