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Luxury for Less: Pre-Owned Hot Tubs

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Why Pre-Owned?

Purchasing a pre-owned hot tub from Everything Billiards & Spas is an excellent way to enjoy the luxury of a spa experience at a major discount. Each of our hot tubs undergoes a stringent inspection and service process so that all components, from jets to heaters, function as intended. This process includes thorough cleaning, technical inspections, and replacements of necessary parts. Our commitment to quality means you can relax with peace of mind, knowing your pre-owned hot tub is as close to new as possible. Opting for a pre-owned model not only saves you money but also contributes to environmental sustainability by giving the hot tub a second life.

Pre-Owned Pleasure

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PRICE : $7,995

Long-Term Savings and Environmental Impact

Investing in a pre-owned hot tub from Everything Billiards & Spas is not just financially prudent—it also has a positive environmental impact. By choosing pre-owned, you prevent a perfectly functional hot tub from ending up in a landfill, contributing to a more sustainable future. Additionally, the cost savings are significant. If a brand new spa just isn’t in the budget right now, purchasing a pre-owned hot tub can save you a substantial sum compared to new models, allowing you to allocate funds elsewhere, whether it’s upgrading your patio, increasing your home value, or even adding extra features to your spa area.

Our pre-owned hot tubs come with a guarantee of functionality. We provide transparent information about the age of each tub, the type of use it has seen, and any refurbishments it has undergone. This openness means you make an informed decision, confident in the knowledge that there are no hidden surprises. Even better, our expert team is always available to offer advice on maintaining and optimizing your hot tub to help ensure it provides years of reliable service. This level of customer care and the quality of our products highlight our dedication to delivering value and satisfaction.


Seamless Integration into Any Home

Discover Great Value Entertainment

Our selection of pre-owned pool tables are ready and waiting to incorporate smoothly into any home or venue, offering both functionality and style. With various sizes and designs available, you can find the perfect match for your space, whether it’s a cozy den, a spacious basement, or a commercial game room. Our experienced staff are here to assist in selecting the right table that complements your interior while providing optimal playability. Let us help you transform an ordinary room into a vibrant gathering place for friends and family with a pool table that promises lasting enjoyment and aesthetic appeal at a reduced price.


Unique Items at Unbeatable Prices

Enhance Your Space on a Budget

In our pre-owned miscellaneous section, you’ll find the perfect pieces to enhance your space without blowing the budget. This selection is the perfect opportunity for budget-conscious shoppers looking to elevate their home or office environment. From decorative pieces to essential recreation gear, each item promises quality and affordability. Our inventory is constantly updating, so every visit offers the chance to discover new and thrilling finds. Whether you’re furnishing a new home or revamping your backyard, our pre-owned treasures provide the means to do so creatively and economically.

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