How to Enjoy Your Hot Tub All Summer Long

Summer is synonymous with long, lazy days and warm nights—a perfect time for outdoor parties and barbecues. But what about your hot tub? With the mercury rising, you might think it’s time to cover up the spa until cooler weather returns. However, summer offers unique opportunities to enjoy your hot tub in refreshing new ways. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your hot tub during the hotter months.

1. Start Your Day with a Morning Soak

Beat the heat by starting your day with an early morning soak. The air is cooler in the early hours, making it the ideal time to enjoy your hot tub. It’s not only a refreshing way to wake up but also a peaceful time to enjoy the quiet of the morning. The gentle massage of the jets can help stimulate your muscles and joints, setting a relaxed tone for the day ahead.

2. Turn Down the Temperature

One of the simplest adjustments for summer hot tubbing is to lower the water temperature. Set the temperature to just below body temperature (around 95°F to 98°F), turning your hot tub into a refreshing tub. This makes it much more invigorating during the day and even into the warm evenings, providing a relaxing oasis without overheating.

3. Enjoy a Nighttime Dip

As the sun sets and temperatures drop, your hot tub becomes the perfect spot to unwind. Nighttime soaks under the stars can be incredibly serene and romantic. Add some waterproof LED candles or outdoor string lights to create a magical, spa-like atmosphere. This is also a great time to practice some mindfulness or meditation, enhanced by the natural calm of the evening.

4. Try Contrast Therapy with a Cold Plunge

For those who have access to both a hot tub and a cold plunge tub, summer is the ideal time to engage in contrast therapy. This practice involves alternating between hot and cold water, which can invigorate the body and improve circulation. Start with a hot soak to loosen muscles and relax, then jump into the cold plunge to tighten pores and refresh your body. This contrast not only boosts your immune system but also revitalizes your senses.

5. Stay Hydrated in the Hot Tub

It’s important to keep up with hydration when you’re soaking in the hot tub, especially in summer. Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after using your hot tub. Consider keeping a pitcher of iced water with lemon, cucumber, or mint nearby to stay refreshed and hydrated. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as these can cause the opposite effect.

There’s no need to say goodbye to your hot tub during the summer months. With these tips, you can continue to enjoy your spa all season long. Your hot tub can provide a refreshing escape from the summer heat while continuing to offer numerous relaxation and health benefits. Haven’t found your dream hot tub yet or want to add a cold plunge tub to the mix? Stop by your nearest Everything Billiards & Spas location and have a chat with our friendly and knowledgeable team


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