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Your Guide to Creating a Private Hot Tub Installation

Private hot tub installation with an umbrella.

A hot tub is one of the very best backyard amenities you can invest in. It’s a year-round feature that really makes your home feel a little more resort like. Perfect for relaxation, and a great place to spend some leisure time.

But even hot tubs have their limitations. When yours is in full view of neighbors or passersby, you might feel a little too self-conscious about really enjoying this feature. Which is why we always recommend that our customers plan their hot tub installation so they can create a little extra privacy for the space. Here’s what you could do to make that happen:

Build a Fence!

Privacy fences are a great backyard investment, whether you have a hot tub or not. They’ll keep dogs and kids where you want them, block views from the street, and help to create a cozy oasis. They’re also one of the best things you can do for your hot tub!

A fence that is at least six feet high will give you privacy. Make sure you choose a fence type that is opaque too. Good options include wood fence, vinyl fence (which is also a no maintenance option), chain link fence with weave in privacy slats or even a wall.

Any kind of fence that blocks the view of your yard and your hot tub area is a great choice.

Add a Trellis

If you can’t have a privacy fence around your whole backyard (for instance, if your HOA does not allow it) you can still create a private hot tub space with trellis.

Add free-standing trellis sections around the hot tub space, and then add features like creeping vines or flowers to add even more privacy and a little design flair. You can either buy a ready-made trellis or lattice from a hardware store for DIY installation or hire a professional to build custom privacy screens.

Decks and Screens

A custom deck to surround your hot tub is a great addition, and also the perfect place to add some screens around the space. If you already have a deck, you might want to check that it’s designed to hold the weight of your new hot tub, and if you don’t, make sure that’s factored into your new build.

Either way, a professional carpenter who specializes in decks can help, and while they’re at it, consider adding some of the following:

  • Custom, fixed privacy screens around the deck
  • Track mounted screens that you can open and close as necessary
  • Space for seating and loungers around the hot tub
  • Storage for hot tub supplies and equipment, so you don’t have to go all the way to the garage when you need them!

Plant Some Privacy!

Hedges, shrubs, trees, and creepers are all great plant choices to add privacy to your backyard and hot tub area.

Planting trees and shrubs along your backyard perimeter helps to add privacy to the whole space, while a well-placed hedge can screen your hot tub from view. Vines and creepers can be used to make even chain-link fences and very open lattices a lot more private.

Choose plants that are evergreen for year-round privacy for your yard, and to avoid having to clean up mountains of leaves in the fall!

Add a Gazebo

There are several kinds of gazebo that you might install to create privacy for your hot tub.

One option is to have a custom gazebo and deck built specifically for your hot tub, and this is a great idea if you’re installing a new one. However, if you already have a hot tub and you want to add a gazebo, there are also several DIY self-assembly options on the market. Simply find one that’s the right size for your space, buy it and assemble it. You can transform your hot tub experience in as little as an afternoon this way!

Pergola’s and Awnings

So far, most of the hot tub privacy options we’ve looked at have focused on protecting the view from the side. However, if you live in a home with double-story neighbors, you might want to add some overhead privacy too! There are several options you might consider:

  • An open pergola that you can also string lights from to create a magical space
  • A thatched structure to bring a little tropical flavour to your backyard
  • Fabric awnings or even an extra-large outdoor umbrella
  • A roofed structure with opaque or semi-opaque roofing material so you can still see light, without being seen!

Some pergola and awning options will not only give you privacy from above, but also offer protection from rain and even if it snows! So, you really can use your hot tub as a year-round backyard amenity.

Outdoor Curtains and Blinds

If you do add a pergola or roof to your hot tub space, you might also want to consider adding outdoor curtains or blinds.

Outdoor curtains are usually made from heavy-duty fabrics like canvas and are designed to stand up to the weather. Outdoor blinds also sometimes called deck blinds can be made from canvas, vinyl, or other materials. They both offer an easy way to screen your hot tub when you want to, or you can move them out of the way when you choose to.

Not only do outdoor curtains and blinds offer privacy, but they can also help to shield your hot tub on windy days, so you can still enjoy the space.

Build a Grotto

If you’ve ever dreamed of swimming in an underground hot spring, and your budget allows, why not create the experience in your own backyard?

Building a grotto around your hot tub is a big undertaking, but it can create the ultimate entertaining space. Natural and manmade rockscapes are becoming more popular in pool building and backyard landscaping. They look great, and you can build in all sorts of features.

Imagine spending time in your hot tub hideaway while you listen to the sound of a man-made waterfall trickling into your pool? It’s like being at a high-end resort without leaving home!

Take It Indoors

Of course, if you can’t find any creative ways to add privacy to your backyard space, there’s always the option to have it installed in your home.

Hot tubs can be installed in living spaces or even in a walk-out basement, but again, it’s a good idea to speak to a professional, because the weight of the hot tub and the water it will hold will need to be factored into the design.

It’s a good idea to have indoor hot tubs installed as close as possible to the lowest level of your home, just in case you ever have a leak, and because it can be very tricky to get larger units upstairs and through the other parts of your home.

There are a few reasons why you might choose to put a hot tub in your home:

  • You don’t have the space outside
  • You want to be sure you can use it all year round – not everyone likes being in an outdoor hot tub all year round!
  • Safety – if your yard is not fenced or you have small children, it might be a good idea to put your hot tub where you can control access
  • Convenience – you can have your hot tub in the same room as your fully stocked wet bar and home theatre, so you can really have the best of all worlds!

Why Privacy Matters

We’d all like to think that our backyards are an extension of our home, where we can do what we like, when we like. However, the truth is that in modern neighborhoods, homes are close together, and there’s a good chance your backyard is not as sheltered as you’d like to imagine.

Adding privacy to your hot tub not only makes you less self-conscious and therefore more able to enjoy yourself, but it also ensures that you won’t be putting on a show for the people you greet on the way to work every morning.

Adding privacy structures to your hot tub area creates a cozy space that feels like the inside of your house, but still allows you to enjoy the outdoors.

It’s Time to Add a Tub!

If reading this, have you thinking about adding a private hot tub space to your backyard, you’re in great hands! There’s no time like the present when it comes to transforming your home into a luxury retreat, and a hot tub is a must-have addition!

Everything Billiards & Spas has been supplying and installing hot tubs throughout the Greensboro and Charlotte area for many years, and we’re ready and waiting to help. Not only can we help you to choose the perfect hot tub for your space and needs, but we’ll also help you with design tips, ideas and more!

So, stop dreaming about a private backyard oasis, and start making one today!


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