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Why Saunas Are the New Wellness Trend

Saunas are a wellness trend

The gentle embrace of a sauna’s heat has become an increasingly sought-after reprieve. It’s an ancient solution rediscovered for modern stress relief. The allure of saunas reflects a collective desire for a return to simplicity, a space for stillness, and a deep-rooted need for a holistic approach to wellness.

Traditional Saunas’ Soothing Heat 

The sauna’s heritage is deeply intertwined with wellness traditions dating back to ancient Nordic societies. Today, these rituals are recognized worldwide for their restorative benefits. The quietude and intense heat of traditional saunas invite us to let go of our worries, as they envelop us in a blanket of humidity that is both purifying and profoundly calming. This practice of regular warmth is not merely a luxury but a pathway to improved well-being, offering a place where we can unwind physically while achieving a state of mental peace.

Gentle Warmth of Infrared Saunas 

Infrared saunas have carved out their niche by offering a less intense, yet equally beneficial, heat therapy. These modern marvels harness the power of infrared technology to gently raise the body’s core temperature, delivering a deep, penetrating warmth without the intense heat of conventional saunas. Their rise in popularity is indicative of a growing trend toward wellness practices that can be personalized to individual comfort levels and health objectives, making the benefits of saunas accessible to a broader audience.

The Versatility of the InfraSauna® 

For those who find themselves torn between the traditional heat of a classic sauna and the gentler, direct warmth of an infrared experience, an InfraSauna presents a groundbreaking solution. These innovative saunas cater to the ebb and flow of your wellness needs by offering the flexibility to choose between the two types of heat therapy. 

With an InfraSauna, you have the luxury of tailoring each session to your mood and health objectives. One day you might indulge in the enveloping warmth that has been cherished for generations, and the next, you might opt for the precise, muscle-soothing infrared heat. 

The Charm of Outdoor Saunas 

The enchanting appeal of outdoor saunas lies in their fusion of the therapeutic effects of sauna bathing with the innate tranquility of the natural world. An outdoor sauna serves as a personal sanctuary where you can bask in serenity. It’s a multisensory experience that combines the enveloping warmth of the sauna with the soothing sights and sounds of nature — a pairing that amplifies the restorative impact of the practice.

The Sauna as a Social Space 

The social aspect of sauna bathing is an integral part of its resurgence. In a world where digital connections often override physical ones, the sauna stands as a symbol of real-world interaction. It offers a space free from screens and notifications, where conversation flows as freely as the heat waves. This communal experience is integral to our emotional and social well-being, providing a space for authentic connection and shared relaxation.

At Everything Billiards & Spas, we understand that the journey to finding the perfect sauna is a personal one. That’s why we are committed to guiding each customer through our carefully selected range of sauna options.

The pursuit of wellness is more important than ever and saunas stand out as a beacon of health and tranquility. Let us be your guide to the perfect sauna.


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