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The Best Massage Chair for a Restful Sleep

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Are you struggling to find that perfect solution for a restful night’s sleep? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Worldwide studies have shown that between 10 and 30 percent of the population struggles with insomnia. At Everything Billiards & Spas, we believe the key to a deep slumber lies in relaxation and comfort, and what better way to achieve this than with a premium massage chair? We proudly offer a wide range of Infinity® Massage Chairs, each designed to provide unparalleled relaxation and they may just improve your sleep quality too. Let’s explore why an Infinity Massage Chair might be the missing piece in your sleep wellness routine.

Why Choose an Infinity® Massage Chair?

Infinity Massage Chairs are renowned for their cutting-edge technology and luxurious comfort. They offer various massage techniques, customizable settings, and ergonomic designs, ensuring a personalized relaxation experience. Beyond being incredibly comfortable and soothing, these chairs are an investment in your long-term health and well-being.

Some Top Picks for a Restful Sleep

Infinity® Smart Chair X3: The Smart Chair X3 is a marvel of modern technology. It features 3D massage technology, which allows you to control the intensity of your massage. With its lumbar heat option and zero gravity positioning, this chair is perfect for unwinding before bed, helping to relax your muscles and ease your mind.

Infinity® Riage CS: Compact yet powerful, the Riage CS is designed for smaller spaces without compromising on quality. Its L-track system provides a deep and thorough massage from neck to glutes, making it ideal for relieving day-long stress and preparing your body for a rejuvenating sleep.

Infinity® Altera: Tailored for users of varying heights, the Altera offers a unique body scanning technology to provide a customized massage experience. Its spinal correction and waist twist features are excellent for alleviating back pain, a common hindrance to a good night’s sleep.

Infinity® Genesis Max: For those seeking a luxury experience, the Genesis Max stands out. It boasts 4D massage technology and an extensive suite of features like Bluetooth connectivity and Apple & Android apps for personalized control, enhancing your pre-sleep routine.

Visit Our Stores

With four locations across North Carolina, a visit to Everything Billiards & Spas is an experience in itself. Our friendly staff are experts in relaxation and wellness and can guide you in selecting the perfect massage chair to meet your specific needs. And, of course, we’d love for you to test out our chairs while you’re here.

The Everything Billiards & Spas Promise

At Everything Billiards & Spas, we are committed to enhancing your home relaxation experience. Our range of Infinity Massage Chairs is a testament to our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. We believe that a good night’s sleep is fundamental to a healthy life, and we’re here to help you achieve that with the best relaxation tools available.
The journey to improved sleep doesn’t have to be elusive. With the right recreation and wellness products, like an Infinity Massage Chair from Everything Billiards & Spas, you can unlock the door to restful, rejuvenating nights. Visit us today and take the first step towards transforming your sleep experience.


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