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Refresh, Recover, Rejuvenate: Arctic Plunge Cold Plunge Tubs

cold plunge tubs

Have you heard about cold plunge tubs yet? If you haven’t, your initial reaction may be, “Why on earth…?” Before you write off the idea, you should know that cold plunge tubs are actually a transformative tool that promises much more than just a chill. In fact, they’re a wellness revolution wrapped in innovation and tradition. 

What is Cold Water Therapy?

Cold water therapy is an age-old practice that has recently found its modern expression in cold plunge tubs. Just as a home spa provides you with a reservoir of soothing warm water and circuit therapy at the ready, so too does the Arctic Plunge provide an instantly accessible source for cold water therapy. This form of therapy involves the immersion of the body in cold water and has long been touted for its numerous health benefits. It’s not a fleeting trend; it’s a holistic approach to invigorating the body and mind.

The Chilling Benefits

The benefits of cold water therapy are vast and scientifically backed. Regular dips can lead to reduced muscle fatigue, quicker recovery times, and diminished inflammation. It’s a natural way to enhance your body’s circulatory system, encouraging blood to flow to your vital organs. This can be particularly beneficial post-workout when muscles are in desperate need of repair and rejuvenation. But the benefits don’t stop at the physical; cold water therapy can also sharpen your mental focus and provide a tranquil escape, promoting emotional well-being.

The Hot and Cold of Contrast Therapy

For those who enjoy the heat of a sauna or hot tub, contrast therapy can offer an additional boost. By following up a warm sauna or hot tub session with a cold plunge, you engage in a dynamic process known as contrast therapy. This method helps to give the body a reset, resulting in such benefits as revitalized skin, rapid relief from discomfort, and a rejuvenated mind and spirit.

Arctic Plunge: Designed for Excellence

Arctic Plunge tubs are meticulously crafted. Here’s a breakdown of their exceptional design:

  • Require only a standard 15 amp power supply, 110V, making them a convenient addition to your home without the need for specialized electrical work. 
  • Constructed from high-grade stainless steel for durability and a sleek aesthetic. 
  • Complemented by aluminum and teak elements, which add to the tub’s style and structural integrity. 
  • Smaller footprint than many other cold tubs on the market with a width of 29 inches, a length of 71 inches, and a height of 30 inches.
  • Inside, the tub length of 47 inches provides ample space for a full-body immersion.
  • Hold 79 gallons of water, ensuring that you can submerge yourself in the rejuvenating cold. 
  • Can reach temperatures as low as 37 degrees Fahrenheit, providing an authentic cold plunge experience that rivals natural icy waters.
  • Simple four-step setup process that takes less than an hour.
  • Equipped with a built-in ozone and filter system, which guarantees clear, clean water for every plunge.
  • Draining is straightforward, thanks to a convenient hose pipe connection.
  • Include an antifreeze function to prevent the formation of ice or frost, ensuring that the tub is always ready for use, regardless of the ambient temperature. 
  • Despite the robust materials and advanced features, the tubs have a dry weight of 275 lbs, offering manageable movement and installation.

An Investment in Your Well-being 

We understand that investing in at-home therapeutic technologies is a significant decision. That’s why we’ve tailored an exclusive Arctic Plunge package, priced at just $6,995. The price includes the cutting-edge Arctic Plunge cold tub, an insulated cover to maintain optimal temperatures, a care package for effortless maintenance, and delivery and placement services for your convenience — with no special wiring required. And to make this transformative addition more accessible, we also offer no-interest financing options. 

refresh, recover, rejuvenate: arctic plunge cold plunge tubs

Embark on a Refreshing Journey

Visit Everything Billiards & Spas today to discover how an Arctic Plunge cold tub can revolutionize your wellness journey. Our knowledgeable team is ready to guide you through the benefits and help you integrate this remarkable therapy into your life. Are you ready to take the plunge?


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