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Creating the Hot Tub Installation of Your Dreams

Hot Tub Installation

Dreaming of a hot tub installation for your home? We don’t blame you.

More and more people are discovering the joy of a home hot tub. Hot tubs are more than just for show. Your hot tub installation promises endless entertainment, relaxation, and some serious health benefits. Plus, with the help of our expert hot tub service at Everything Billiards and Spas, the whole process is quick and easy. Whether you’re looking to use your hot tub for relaxation, entertainment, or endless family fun, there’s a unique hot tub solution out there that’s perfect for you.

In this article we’ll help get you started with tips for creating your dream hot tub, plus some hot tub inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. Looking for your dream hot tub? Well, you’ve come to the right place. A stunning and functional hot tub installation is only a few steps away.

Why You’ll Love Having a Backyard Hot Tub Installation

We’ve no doubt that you’ll love having a backyard hot tub of your own. A hot tub isn’t just a garden accessory. A hot tub is a lifestyle piece. Once your hot tub is installed, your garden will be instantly transformed into a relaxing haven, a family-friendly playground, and an entertainment hot spot.

So, before we walk you through how to create your dream hot tub installation, let’s explore some of the things we think you’ll love most about having your very own hot tub.

Fun for the Entire Family

Hot tubs are fantastic for adults and kids alike. Your hot tub will become the perfect family meeting spot. So, get the kids away from those screens and have a soak instead. Hot tubs are a great place for conversations, family bonding, or simply just hanging out together. Young children can safely become acclimated to the water with parents close by, whilst older kids will love splishing and splashing about with their pals.

Endless Entertainment

A hot tub is the perfect excuse to get friends together.  So why not have a hot tub party? There’s so much you can do. Hang out and chat, pop the bubbly, create a hot tub-side movie experience, game day, or… well… just about anything you can think of! Just make sure there are plenty of delicious snacks on offer.

Real-Time Relaxation

Hot tubs are more than just glorified paddling pools. Our hot tubs are full-on relaxation stations, complete with luxurious massage jets for total backyard bliss. After a long day, a soak in the tub will leave you feeling rejuvenated. The perfect self-care activity.

Amazing Health Benefits

Hot tubs aren’t just fun. They’re also great for your health. Some of the many health benefits associated with soaking in a hot tub include stress relief, muscle relaxation, pain relief, and a better night’s sleep at the end of the day. You’ll even burn calories and boost your cardiovascular health in the process.

The Ideal Date

No-doubt, hot tubs make for great date nights. What could be more romantic than relaxing in a soothing hot tub with your loved one? Add a touch of aromatherapy and you’ve got yourself a romantic evening to remember. Whether you’re still in the honeymoon period, rekindling the flame, or simply chilling out with your better half, your hot tub will bring countless romantic memories.

How to Create Your Dream Hot Tub Installation

So, you’ve decided to get a hot tub for your home. First of all, great choice. The hot tub installation of your dreams has just become one step closer. Now for the practical bit. You’ll want to make the most of your investment by planning and designing a unique hot tub installation for your needs.

But how should you go about creating your perfect hot tub installation? Everything from the hot tub itself to its location and design will go into creating your dream home hot tub experience. So, to help you get started we’ve put together a simple guide to creating your ideal installation.

  1. Research Different Ideas

First things first, you’ll want to start by doing some research. But don’t worry, this is the fun kind of research. You get to look at hot tubs after all! We recommend perusing the internet and various brochures to get a feel for what you’re after; what you like and dislike. What you think will work in your space and what doesn’t feel quite right.

Don’t worry, nothing is binding yet. Later you’ll be able to sit down with a hot tub specialist for some expert advice. But it’s always good to have a few ideas in mind already. Pinterest, Instagram, and messaging boards are a great place to start. You can also check out Everything Billiards and Spas’ hot tub brochure and hot tub installation gallery where you’ll be able to get all the inspiration you need before your consultation.

  1. Consider Your Existing Space

Once you’ve got some ideas flowing, think about your space. Consider where you want to place your hot tub. Does your backyard have room for a seven-to-eight-seater or is it perfect for a more bijou installation? Are there any other new garden accessories that you plan to install along with your hot tub? Most importantly, what will you be using your hot tub for? Think about who will be using the hot tub, your lifestyle needs and aspirations.

It’s also worth thinking about the level of privacy you want. If you have neighbors all around your home then you may wish to have your hot tub walled off in an enclosure, outdoor room, or gazebo. Privacy can always be incorporated into your garden design with beautiful backyard landscaping. Think trellises, garden rooms, trees, and natural fencing.

  1. Budget for the Short and Long-Term

When looking for a hot tub solution you’ll want to consider the costs and find an affordable solution that you’ll be able to sustain for years to come. So, how much does it cost to run a hot tub? As well as the initial cost, keep in mind that there will also be ongoing maintenance costs. Proper maintenance is super important to keep your hot tub in full working order.

Factors to bear in mind include:

  • The cost of electricity
  • Additional accessories (e.g., insulating cover & water pump)
  • Water replacement and cleaning
  • Will you do the installation and maintenance yourself or hire a pro?
  1. Get Expert Advice

There’s no need to go it alone. There’s always help out there for prospective hot tub owners. Working with an experienced team of professionals will ensure a smooth design and installation process that gets the most out of your space. At Everything Billiards and Spas, our team of experts are always happy to help. Our experts will help you create the hot tub installation of your dreams. Check out our FAQs and get in touch for your very own backyard consultation.

Hot Tub Ideas and Inspiration

All that’s left now is to design your dream hot tub installation. Enjoy the process. Creating a hot tub installation design for your home is a lot of fun. With proper planning and the help of a hot tub specialist, the process will be relatively straightforward and stress-free.

So, without further ado, let’s get those creative juices flowing with four unique hot tub ideas for every kind of backyard experience.

  • The ‘party is on’ hot tub

Looking to host a party or two? A hot tub is the perfect party accessory. Perfect for a night with the guys or a pamper sesh with the girls. The possibilities are endless. If you’re looking for hot tub with party credentials, we recommend checking out our range of seven-to-eight-person hot tubs from fantastic brands including Hot Springs Spas and Caldera Spas. You’ll have plenty of room for inviting guests over for hours of entertaining.

  • The ‘romantic retreat’ hot tub

Dreaming of your very own romantic hot tub getaway? Hot tubs are the ideal date accessory. Relaxing, intimate, romantic. Perfect for those big romantic gestures or simply spending quality time with your loved one. If you’re looking for a hot tub to stir up an atmosphere of love then we recommend checking out our range of two-to-three-person hot tubs. These smaller, intimate hot tubs are perfect for couples.

  • The ‘family fun day’ hot tub

Your new hot tub installation promises endless fun for all the family. Time to get the kids off their iPads and splashing about in the backyard. At Everything Billiards and Spas, we’ve got a range of hot tubs perfect for this kind of set up. Why not start by checking out our four-to-six-person hot tubs. Perfectly sized for all the family. Or, if you’re planning on inviting over the whole brood, a seven-to-eight-person hot tub might be more up your street.

  • The ‘rest and relaxation’ hot tub

Looking for a hot tub that offers total relaxation? If you’ve got r&r on the mind, then you’ll want a tub with all those therapeutic features. Think jets, hydrotherapy massage, and comfortable seating, for ultimate rejuvenation and wellness. Hot Tubs like the Aventine 2-person Hot Tub are a great option. This compact hot tub comes with hydromassage and fits neatly into even the smallest of spaces. Or, why not check out the Kauai by Caldera Spas. This hot tub comes with powerful jets and offers hot tub circuit therapy for deep massage.

  • The ‘energy saver’ hot tub

If you’re keen to find a hot tub with a high level of energy efficiency, then you’re in luck. Hot tub brands offer some great energy-saving choices. That’s great news for your wallet and the environment.

Find the Hot Tub Installation of Your Dreams

Did you find the information in this article helpful? Find more useful design and installation tips along with helpful health and lifestyle content in our blog and designated hot tub learning center. Our experts at Everything Billiards and Spas are always happy to help. Get in touch to book a personal consultation with a member of the team. We’ll help you brainstorm ideas and help you design and install the hot tub of your dreams.


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