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Brunswick, Olhausen, & California House: What’s your taste?

brunswick, olhausen, & california house: what's your taste?Not only are there dozens of pool table manufacturers, but there are also a variety of places to buy your new pool table: online, big box stores, local retailers, or even from websites like Craigslist or Facebook for used tables. It can be overwhelming to understand the differences in manufacturing processes, options, and quality.

We service, sell, and install hundreds of pool tables every year, from moving antique tables to selling preowned and new Brunswick, Olhausen, and California House products to delivering pool tables from online sales to local customers. So we have a pretty good idea of how tables from different manufacturers look after installed and how they hold up long-term.

That being said, we have chosen to display and sell game room tables and furniture from three manufacturers in our showrooms: Brunswick Billiards, Olhausen Billiards, & California House Game Room Furniture. We do occasionally have customers and clients who request products from other companies; while we often have the ability to provide what they are looking for, we find that customers who purchase from the “big three” are typically much happier with their choice! Read through our Buyer’s Guide for a thorough synopsis of what to look for while searching for a new table.


brunswick, olhausen, & california house: what's your taste?

Brunswick Billiards

Brunswick has been in business for over 170 years – much longer than almost any other billiard company. Their design experience is unparalleled, their quality beyond reproach, and the strength of the Brunswick brand is well-known and respected all over the world. Ask 10 people to name a billiards table brand, and 9 of them will say Brunswick first.

Brunswick is proud to stand behind any product bearing its name and guarantees the quality, workmanship, and materials of its game tables. By offering tables in a variety of sizes, styles, and pricing, Brunswick ensures that anyone can find something to fit their lifestyle!

• High-performance nut plates and hardened dome washers ensure a solid, seamless transition between rail, slate, and table.

• Brunswick SuperSpeed cushions have set the standard for over 70 years, featuring high-pressure bonding and accurate nose height for a precision fit with greater accuracy and rail consistency.

• Solid hardwood rails are machined to exacting standards, ensuring exceptional accuracy and performance.

• Solid wood dovetail supports and stable joinery construction create a stronger, more stable construction that provides flawless performance for generations.

• Kiln-dried, stained, and sealed – Brunswick tables are built to last a lifetime. A durable furniture finish completes the look of each product, for a lifetime of playability.

• Brunswick certified slate is precision machined and leveled to within ten-thousandths of an inch, then checked for flatness and quality-inspected.

brunswick, olhausen, & california house: what's your taste?

Olhausen Billiards

Olhausen is a family-owned business, and their pool tables are made right next door, in Portland, Tennessee. The Olhausen family has been in the billiards business for over 75 years and quickly gained popularity due to their premium quality and ability to cater to their client’s wishes. Each pool table is built to order, right here in the USA. No other pool table owner is as happy with their purchase  – we’d say they always turn back to Olhausen for their next billiards table, but each one is built to last a lifetime and more, so they never have to think about a “next table!” (Unless, of course, they want to trade it in on a different style, which we’re more than happy to accommodate!)

Because each table is built to order, customers have the option to customize nearly every part of the purchase – choose your wood species, finish, sights, legs, aprons, even pockets. Add a hidden storage drawer to hold your cues and billiard accessories or a matching wall rack in the same finish. Trying to match other furniture in your home game room? Olhausen can accommodate you! Simply send a piece in the finish you want to match, and their expert builders will return a sample for you to approve.

• Premium wood: Olhausen purchases the majority of its lumber from the Northeastern US, where “slow-growth” trees have tighter grains, and therefore, minimal discoloring.

• Olhausen AccuFast cushions are the best playing cushions in the business.

• T-Nut rail construction won’t bend and cross-thread, allowing for easy installation and more precise alignment

• Uniliner helps keep slate flat and level and tests almost twice as strong as other frame construction methods.

• Factory pre-fit frame construction to pre-level tables and triple-check quality control before shipping.

• Premium, diamond-honed slate with a slate liner to ensure quieter play and allow for a tighter, faster, professional cloth installation.

brunswick, olhausen, & california house: what's your taste?

California House Game Room Furniture

Founded in 1953, California House is the premier designer and manufacturer of custom-order game room furniture in the United States. A third-generation family-owned and operated company with a small factory located in Sacramento, CA, their core focus is building exclusive, high-quality furniture for rooms where families and friends gather to have fun.

Are you planning a luxury game room featuring a pool table, shuffleboard, poker table, pub set, and spectator chairs, or some combination of those products? Each piece by California House is unique to its owner and crafted in a wide selection of wood species, finishes, fabrics, leathers, and custom options, allowing you to create memorable entertainment spaces to match your taste and decor. In other words . . . every single piece is built just for you.

• Premium hardwoods selected for construction include maple, oak, and walnut and are kiln-dried to specific moisture content to help prevent unwanted expansion or contraction.

• Multi-step finishing process with post-catalyzed conversion varnish creates a virtually impenetrable barrier against the outside world, so your game room looks new for years to come.

• Original designs are created by California House’s in-house team of engineers and designers that continuously research home furnishings, textiles, fashion, and automobiles to make sure they are at the forefront of emerging trends.

• Internal chassis construction provides a direct solid-hardwood link between the slate and the ground. Fully assembled and precision leveled at the factory using massive 8/4 hardwood with mortise and tenon joinery, all bolts are eliminated except the few thru-bolts fastening the legs to the chassis itself.

We offer a variety of pool table models, styles, and sizes to fit anyone’s dream game room – shop our BrunswickOlhausenCalifornia House, and preowned tables. It’s important to us that you feel confident about your investment and enjoy your new table for decades to come. Start your journey now and request a personal price quote today!


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