6 Game Room Amenities to Make Winter Fun

Game Room Amenities

Winter is the perfect season to cozy up indoors and enjoy quality time with family and friends. And what better way to enhance your home entertainment than with an exceptional game room? At Everything Billiards & Spas, we specialize in creating vibrant game rooms that become the heart of your home during the colder months. We are your go-to destination for top-notch game tables and game room furniture. Let’s explore how you can make this winter unforgettable.

1. Billiards Tables: An Unbeatable Classic

A billiards table is a timeless addition to any game room. Our selection includes renowned brands like Olhausen, Brunswick, and California House, offering both elegance and durability. Whether you’re hosting a tournament or enjoying a casual game, our billiards tables are sure to be a focal point of entertainment and style in your home.

2. Multifunctional Game Tables: Variety is the Spice of Life

Why settle for one game when you can have several? Our multi-game tables are perfect for those who love variety. Reversible tops incorporate multiple games into one upscale playing surface. These tables provide endless entertainment and a great way to switch things up throughout the winter.

3. Table Tennis: Fast-Paced Fun

For those who enjoy a more active form of entertainment, table tennis is an excellent choice. Our range includes high-quality tables from Cornilleau, known for their superb playability and durability. Not only is table tennis a fun and competitive game, but it’s also a great way to stay active indoors during the chilly season.

4. Elegant Poker Tables: Raise the Stakes

Poker nights are a fantastic way to gather friends and family for an evening of strategy and fun. Our poker table options are the epitome of style and functionality. And with the option to include complementary comfortable seating with the professional-grade playing surfaces, you’ll have the perfect setting for your next game night.

5. Shuffleboard: Slide into Fun

Shuffleboard is an excellent addition to any game room, providing a unique blend of skill and fun. At Everything Billiards & Spas, we offer a variety of shuffleboard tables that cater to different styles and space requirements. From classic wood finishes to more modern designs, our shuffleboards are not only great for playing but also add an element of sophistication to your space.

6. Game Room Furniture: Comfort and Style

No game room is complete without the right furniture. We offer a wide selection of bar stools, chairs, and sofas to complement your game tables. Our furniture pieces are both incredibly comfortable; as well as adding an aesthetic appeal to your game room, making it a stylish and inviting space.

Visit Our Stores

Our knowledgeable staff are eager to help you create the perfect game room. Visit any of our four convenient locations to explore our wide range of game tables and furniture. We are committed to providing quality products and exceptional service to make your winter fun and memorable.

Don’t let the winter blues set in. Transform your home into an exciting entertainment hub with Everything Billiards & Spas. Whether it’s a classic game of pool, an energetic table tennis match, or a sophisticated poker night, our game room amenities are sure to make your winter days more enjoyable and stylish. Visit us today and start creating unforgettable memories.


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