Sisu & Hallmark Series

Sisu & Hallmark Series

Finnleo’s Sisu series has become a classic of the sauna world. Clean, simple design makes this a timeless sauna.

The Hallmark Series offers high-end design features on standard sizes & designs which makes the series an exceptional value.

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  1. Hallmark HM44 Sauna
    Hallmark HM44 Sauna

  2. Hallmark HM46 Sauna
    Hallmark HM46 Sauna

  3. Hallmark HM55C Corner model
    Hallmark HM55C Corner model

  4. Hallmark HM57
    Hallmark HM57

  5. Hallmark HM66C Corner model
    Hallmark HM66C Corner model

  6. Sisu Sauna
    Sisu Sauna

6 Items

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Set Descending Direction