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Olhausen: The Best in Billiards

Olhausen: The Best in Billiards

Olhausen Billiards has been a leader in the pool table, shuffleboard, and home game room industry for over 45 years. The name Olhausen is synonymous with quality, professional playability, and customization.  Olhausen is a family business that has grown consistently year after year as word spread and demand rose.  Heck, Donny Olhausen, the owner, is frequently down on the floor, finishing pool tables, since that is his passion and he knows the value of being an active participant in the daily operations.  This passion has translated to more and more sales, more and more popularity, and today Olhausen Billiards is the largest producer of pool tables in the industry.

Each Olhausen Billiards pool table is custom made to order.  The whole table is finished at the same time, so that every piece matches the rest of the table, which, sadly, is a huge selling point. Olhausen has more options and customization than any other manufacturer, so you are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind pool table.  Made in America!






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Made in the USA

Every single Olhausen Billiards pool table is custom made, to order, in the USA – Tennessee to be specific.  Olhausen Billiards believes in employing Americans and in building pool tables in the most sustainable manner possible.  Thus the choice of Tennessee as the manufacturing location, as it is closer to both their lumber suppliers and major distributors, like Everything Billiards & Spas.  Less distance from high quality North American Hardwoods results in less carbon emissions, thus supporting Olhausen’s goal of efficiency and sustainability.

Fully Customizable

Customization is one of the main features that really sets Olhausen pool tables apart from the competition.  Since each pool table is built to order, every customer literally gets a custom pool table, built specifically for you!  Olhausen has 35 standard finishes (up to 10 times more than many competitors), or they will do a custom finish – perhaps you want it to match your cabinets.  You can also add a drawer to virtually any Olhausen billiard table – a feature most companies do not offer.  You can customize your rail sights, adding style and accents to the table.  You can choose from 35 leg options, and can mix and match any piece of any pool table and put it on any other pool table.  Your imagination is literally the limit when buying an Olhausen Pool Table.

Complete Matching Home Gameroom Options

In addition to building the best pool tables in the world, Olhausen offers a full line of other home games, so you can create a matching home game room.  You can choose a shuffleboard that is a matched pair with the billiard table.  You can even get matching air hockey, foosball, and ping pong tables.  Each of the five items will match in style and finish.  You cannot find this option with any other manufacturer!  If you don’t need each item to match, Olhausen has numerous other foosball, air hockey, and ping pong options.

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