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Hot Spring® Spas

Highlife® Collection

Our best-selling line with exclusive features, innovative hydrotherapy and timeless design.

Limelight® Collection

Fresh styling, clean lines and unique lighting add beauty and ambiance to your spa experience.

Hot Spot® Collection

The right blend of quality, performance, and value backed by a brand you can trust.


Read real customer reviews

Good times in my Jetsetter

“I have back problems, and those jets really hit the spot and relieve soreness at the end of my day. My wife and I enjoy a glass of wine every night and relax in our cozy Jetsetter!”

Thomas - El Cajon, CA

Grandee is a soothing experience

“This Grandee spa was the best investment I ever made. I have various ailments, and my body aches at the end of the work day. After a 15 minute soak, I feel good as new.”

Patricia - La Mesa, CA

Great Hot Tub

“Perfect Hot tub, great support and warranty. You get what you pay for, stay away from the cheap internet companies.”

-John Larson

Love My Hot Tub

“I use my hot tub almost every day, sometimes twice a day. It makes my aging body more nimble, and eases muscle ache. This is probably the best investment I’ve made in my home.”

Nick - Phoenicia, NY


“I love my Aria hot tub. It is one of the best purchases I have made. I highly recommend it!”

John - Fort Worth, TX

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  1. Aria®

    5 Person Spa
    7'3" x 7'3" x 36" | 35 Jets

  2. Envoy®

    5 Person Spa
    7'9" x 7'7" x 38" | 43 Jets

  3. Pace™

    5 Person Spa
    6'10 X 6'10 | 24 Jets

  4. Prodigy®

    5 Person Spa
    6'6" x 7' x 33" | 22 Jets


4 Items

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