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The Big Green Egg has changed the way we grill.  Able to be used as a grill, an oven, or a smoker, you can do just about anything on a Big Green Egg. The Big Green Egg was the first kamado-style grill introduced in the U.S.  Ceramic kamado grills have a totally different design from standard charcoal grills. Using the same ceramic used in the Space Shuttle, the Big Green Egg is almost totally insulated.  Keeping more heat in the grill keeps more flavor in your food.   You just have to taste the difference – it’s hard to explain.  But talk to any Egg owner and you will see how excited people are about their Eggs  From humble beginnings in Atlanta, GA, the Egg has developed the biggest following of fans of any grill on the market – for good reason.  “Eggheads”, as they are known amongst themselves, love the versatility and the unique flavor that only the Big Green Egg offers, and have created somewhat of a cult; sharing recipes, techniques, and time in front of the grill together, this group of dedicated Egg owners has literally fallen in love with this product.  You will, too!

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