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Finnleo: The Best in Saunas


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20% Off All Plug & Play Saunas Through September 9!  Traditional & Infrared Saunas!

20% Off All Plug & Play Saunas Through September 9.  Traditional & Infrared

Finnleo: The Best in Saunas

It is interesting to note that Finland has the highest number of saunas per capita in the world, with an average of one sauna per household, and that the Finns use them on a daily basis. The inherent properties of a hot sauna releases a whole host of physical actions in your body. One of which is releasing Endorphins, which…is a naturally present component in our bodies and that acts as a tranquilizer to aching joints and muscles as well as affecting your brain, giving you that ”feel good-feeling.”

A sauna is also known for speeding up the process of flushing out toxins from your body. The heat dilates the blood vessels and increase blood circulation, which among other things speed up the body’s natural healing process.  Saunas boost your immune system, and are a more effective way to relax and soothe tight muscles or loosen achy joints.  A veritable fountain of youth, these saunas are!

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Finnleo Traditional Saunas

The original Finnleo sauna type. Traditional heater with rocks and higher temperatures.



The Finnleo Infrared Sauna is built with infrared panels. It creates warm, enveloping dry heat.

Finnleo Combo IS44

The Finnleo Combo is the perfect sauna for individuals or couples who want to enjoy the benefits of both infrared and traditional saunas.


Finnleo’s Patio Sauna is designed for today’s busy, transient society. It can be delivered and in place in minutes–rather than hours.