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Interested in putting in a pool table of your very own?  Maybe you have a bonus room you haven’t been using or you’ve finally gotten around to remodeling that basement – whatever your space and however simple or detailed your vision, we can help!  Request an appointment for a consultation, and let us help you layout YOUR perfect game room!

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Highest Quality Pool Tables in Charlotte and Greensboro

Brunswick Billiards & Olhausen Billiards

We have tried selling several different brands of pool tables over the years, but have learned the hard way that there’s a good reason Brunswick and Olhausen are the 2 names you hear most around the billiards industry.  It boils down to one word: QUALITY.  So you can learn from us: by only selling the best products, you, the consumer, are happy with your investment for decades upon decades, and so are your heirs.  We’re happy because you’re happy.  Don’t get me wrong, we love our customers, but we would rather see you again when you’re ready to buy a shuffleboard – not because you have an issue with your billiards table …

The game of billiards has been around for hundreds of years and is still a great way for the whole family to gather together, relax, unplug, and have some fun!  Pool tables are also a great way to entertain your guests.  Choose from modern pool tables to rustic, and everything in between.  Whatever the style of your home game room, we have the pool table that will be the perfect centerpiece.  Whatever your skill level, we’ve got you covered – from the recreational player to the professional, Everything Billiards & Spas has the right billiard table for you!  We serve most of central NC, and have stores in Charlotte and Greensboro.

What makes Brunswick and Olhausen the best pool pool tables in the world?  Several things:

Higher Quality Billiard Cushion Rubber 

Brunswick SuperSpeed and Olhausen AccuFast Cushions are 2 of the 3 cushion types that professional billiards players will play on.  Many other companies just use a low-quality rubber for their pool table cushions.  The cushions, or bumpers, are what the balls bounce off of.  If these are not in good condition, your billiards game is no fun.  Our service crews spend a LOT of time replacing the rubber from other brands of pool tables, so this is a common occurrence.  We rarely, if ever, replace Olhausen or Brunswick cushion rubber within the first 50-60 years of the pool table’s life, whereas with some other brands, we can almost guarantee a maximum cushion life of less than 10 years.

Better Finish Quality and Wood Curing Process

Let’s face it: if you use your pool table, it is going to run the risk of getting scratched and/or dinged.  However, if you have a Brunswick or Olhausen, you are getting the best finish on the market.  Both companies start by kiln drying their wood in a controlled environment until it reaches 7% (ideal moisture content).  Then they seal the wood to prevent moisture entering or leaving.  This is a step many manufacturers skip, but it is important to prevent your finish from cracking “for no reason”.  Next the stain and finish are applied.  Multiple coats of finish are on every Brunswick and Olhausen product.  Their finishes are also harder, more durable, and longer-lasting than many competitors’.  So when something does brush against the finish, it will not crack, peel, or chip.  The wood may get slightly dented, depending on the conditions, but the finish will remain in tact, causing the pool table to look better, longer.

Better Pool Table Design and Construction

Brunswick has been perfecting their design and construction for 170 years – much longer than any other pool table manufacturer.  Olhausen is right up there in design quality – just ask any billiard table installer.  You also have many more different models to choose from with either brand, compared to the competition.  Brunswick and Olhausen are the companies that put money into R&D to come up with new looks and improvements.  Other companies just copy them.  However, no one can match the customization options you get with Olhausen – nobody!  From modern to rustic, we can get you the pool table that fits your space – guaranteed.

Flatter Billiard Slate

Yep, believe it or not, some companies do not hone their slate flat!  If our installers do not have a top-notch, completely flat slate bed to work with, you will not have a level pool table.  Brunswick and Olhausen exceed the specifications required by most of their competitors.  We have seen several cases of where the slate is just not flat, but never on a Brunswick or Olhausen.  Enough said.

A Billiard Table Brand You Can Count On

Brunswick & Olhausen Billiards have been around for a while, and will continue to be around.  So should you ever have a warranty claim, which we don’t often for the reasons mentioned above, there will be a company there to back it up.  There are hundreds of brands of pool tables out there, many of them fly-by-night outfits.  All it takes is someone finding a foreign manufacturer and having enough money to pay for a container of pool tables.  They put their name on it, and they’re in business.  However, they disappear as quickly as they started.  They go out of business, and there is no recourse for the consumer.  Personally, I stick to brands I have heard of and that get top reviews year after year … your call.  Brunswick and Olhausen will be there when you need them.  More importantly, they do the right thing quickly, without a lot of hassle.  Other companies require a lengthy “confirmation period” for defects.  The brands we sell make things right without needing to verify – they put the customer first!


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