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The Aramith Fusion Pool Table, from Everything Billiards

The Aramith Fusion is specifically designed to function as a pool table AND a dining table.  Built with the highest quality components and manufactured to best-in-class specifications, the Fusion table is by far the best on the market.  We have installed several other wannabe Fusion tables, so we would know …  This billiard table is loved by designers and homeowners alike due to its sleek, modern design and multipurpose functionality.  The Aramith Fusion table is sure to be a great centerpiece, as well as a conversation piece, in ANY home.  Why not add an element of family fun to your dining room?

With dozens of wood and metal finish options to choose from, you are sure to find a style that matches your interior.  Start by choosing a wood or metal frame.  Choose the finish for your frame, then choose the wood and finish color that you would like for the rails and the dining top.

Metal Frame Finishes:  Metal, Black, or White Powder Coat
Wood Frame Finishes:  Wenge, Select Walnut, White Oak, Grey Oak
Standard Wood Rail Finishes:  Wenge, Select Walnut, White Oak, Grey Oak
Specialty Wood Rail Finishes:  High-Gloss Black and White, or Vintage Oak reclaimed from a Spanish Church!

Nuts & Bolts

Pool Table/Dining Table Height:
Dining tables are standard 30″ tall.  Pool Tables have a regulated slate height of 29.25″ to 31″.  You can put a dining top on any pool table, but your dining height is about 34″, which is too high for most people’s tastes (yes, that was pun!), and your knees can bump into the cabinet.  The Aramith Fusion table gives you the best of both worlds – the legs on a Fusion are designed and manufactured with a patented mechanism that raises and lowers the pool table easily to transition from dining height to pool table height.  Many customers are skeptical as to whether the slate pool table surface remains level throughout the elevation change, but I can assure you that we have never once had a complaint or an issue with the pool table staying level.

Dining Top Details:
The matching 3-piece dining top is included with every pool table purchase.  It is a scratch resistant, very durable surface.  There are dowels in the ends of the dining top sections; the male and female ends of the dowels connect to increase weight-bearing capacity, and prevent sagging over time.  There are also rubber “feet” on the bottom of the dining top sections to prevent scratching of the billiard table rails.  Every Aramith Fusion table also comes with a waterproof liner that goes under the dining top, to protect the felt should any spills occur.  When you have the table in the lower, dining table position, you really cannot tell that there is a pool table hidden underneath.  Amazing!

Pool Table Felt & Accessories:
Every Aramith Fusion pool table comes with Simonis felt, of your color choice.  There are 28 different colors to choose from.  Tournament Green for the classic look, or purple if you feel like going out on a limb and making a statement with an accent color.  Simons 860 cloth has been manufactured using the same standards, in the same factory, since 1680.  It has been recognized for well over a century as the best tournament cloth in the world.  We literally use Simonis 860 on virtually every pool hall refelt job we have ever done. Why?  Because it is what the pros demand.  Period.

The accessory kit that comes with the Aramith Fusion pool table is likewise top-notch.  It includes 4 two-piece cues with an Irish Linen wrap (the same wrap used on $1000 cues).  Aramith, in addition to making the Aramith Fusion pool table, is also recognized as the best billiard ball maker on the planet.  Google it.  So you are getting the best brand of pool balls with every Fusion purchase.  You also get a bottle of ball cleaner, a tip repair kit, a rule book, a bridge, a brush, and a ball rack.

Pool Table Pocket Design:
Just to show you how Aramith has all the bases covered, they put a little extra thought into the design of their pool table pockets.  During billiards play, you need to be able to shoot many balls into one pocket sometimes.  Aramith uses an elastic type material that drops down to accommodate 6-8 balls per pocket.  So play is “normal”.  When you are ready to eat, though, nobody want balls hanging down touching your legs while you are dining (couldn’t think of a better way to word that one – sorry).  So the Aramith Fusion table has hidden metal slides that you can move into each pocket when you get hungry.  You then put 3 balls in each corner pocket, 2 balls in each side pocket, and they are supported so they do not hang lower than the underside of the pool table.  You can also store your sticks, ball rack, etc. under the dining top to keep everything self-contained.  Pretty neat, right?

Aramith also manufactures a full line of furniture to match its pool tables.  My favorite, and our best-seller, is the bench.  You can comfortably seat 4 people on each side of the table; and when you are ready to play pool, you can push the two benches together underneath the table, and set the dining tops on them for storage.  Pretty slick, if you ask me.  They also sell chairs and stools, and you can select different finishes to match your pool table finish.