Classic Heaters

Classic Heaters

Quality craftsmanship is the signature of a genuine Finnleo wall and floor heaters. Designed for high performance, Finnleo heaters put more rocks in direct contact with the elements. The result is pure bliss: a soft steam and even, gentle waves of heat that keep the climate irresistibly perfect. Choose from a range of options to suit every taste and sauna room, each offering a unique expression of the pure sauna experience.

Finnleo Wall-Mounted and Floor Standing Heaters Feature:

  • More rocks in direct contact with elements, ensuring a softer, gentler and more even sauna climate
  • Open air flow design to allow quick, effective heating with efficient energy use
  • Double-wall structural shell minimizes surface temperatures, preventing accidental burns and adding to the comfort
  • Heat shield in attractive stainless steel finish adds a modern feel to sauna decor
  • Safety tested and listed for years of worry-free performance

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  1. Designer SL2
    Designer SL2

  2. Designer-B Heater
    Designer-B Heater

  3. Designer-Trend Heater
    Designer-Trend Heater

  4. Junior Heater
    Junior Heater

  5. Pro Heater
    Pro Heater

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